A Hunger for the Gospel in Tanzania; 13 Saved

In a recent report of our work in Tanzania, Boniface Banda, the Eastern Africa District Superintendent, stated that the country is “a spiritually fertile land, with people yearning to hear the message of salvation.” Since 2014, the number of branch locations has expanded from two to ten, and still the Macedonian call comes from other regions. Groups are waiting to hear the Gospel in Bukoba, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Morogor, Mwanza, Tabora, and many other places.

One such group, in the Geita area near Lake Victoria, was visited in September by Enock Simfukwe, the Tanzania Country District Superintendent, and Alex Hoka of Kigoma, Tanzania. The people there were glad to hear God’s Word expounded and are hoping for another visit soon.

Brother Enock made two more mission trips in September, accompanied by Joseph Chewe of Zambia, with the purpose of encouraging two branch churches. The first trip was to Kisa, one of our newer locations, for three days of special meetings. The meetings were a success—fifty-six people attended, and by the close, five had prayed through to salvation. The second trip was to Itumbula, an established location, to hold another three-day campaign. Attendance reached eighty-six, and many blessings were reported. Among these, eight received salvation. In addition, four were sanctified, two were filled with the Holy Spirit, five were healed, and forty-four were re-anointed. We praise God for hungry hearts, and for His many blessings poured out in these two locations!

Brother Boniface wants to see more mission trips take place in the near future, but this will require workers who are equipped to carry the Gospel message. In November, he led a delegation of six from our Eastern Africa headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia, to hold a workers’ conference at the Tanzania headquarters in Mbeya. Included in the delegation was Knox Twenda, the Zambia Director of Tanzania.

The conference was attended by workers representing six Tanzania branches. Each day, a morning and evening session was held. Some of the topics covered were “Fit for the Master’s Use,” “Consecration,” “Holiness in Our Relationships,” “Christian Forgiveness,” “A Glimpse into the Future,” and “Evangelism.” In addition to these sessions, teachings were given from the Ministers’ Manual.

Before the conference closed, a presentation was given on methods for teaching Bible studies, and the branch leaders were encouraged to open Bible study centers in their various locations. Brother Banda said they very humbly agreed to take on the task, eager to work for the Lord.

There is a great hunger for the Gospel in Tanzania. Pray for this country that the Lord will raise up laborers for the harvest, and bless their efforts.

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