A Headquarters for the Expanding Work in Burundi

Construction has begun on an Apostolic Faith headquarters church in Burundi. Its location is in a suburb of Bujumbura, which is Burundi’s largest city and main port. Land was purchased for this project in 2019 and our congregations in this country have looked forward to this event ever since.

Edouard Nimubona, the Country District Superintendent, sent a report of the construction progress. He said the building project has been divided into three phases. The first phase, which included preparing the ground and laying a foundation, was completed on April 2. The second phase of raising the walls, installing doors and windows, and adding a roof, began immediately and continues as funds become available. To date, a majority of the walls are up and a temporary roof has been placed over the main space to allow for services while construction is ongoing. The final phase of the project is expected to encompass plumbing and electrical work, flooring, and finishes. Once complete, the headquarters church will include a sanctuary, prayer room, children’s hall, and bathrooms.

There has been an increasing need for a headquarters church to lead the Burundi work as it has expanded. What began in 2017 as a single Apostolic Faith group led by Brother Edouard has grown to include ten locations. In 2018, a team from our East Africa headquarters in Zambia traveled among the groups for three weeks holding revival services. They reported that the response was good and several new converts were water baptized. Souls continue to be saved and added to the church. Two revival services held in 2021 had a combined attendance of over six hundred, and nine received salvation while three were sanctified.

The headquarters church is especially critical for the Bujumbura congregation. After the expiration of a three-year lease earlier this year, they have been left without a place of worship. Currently, they gather in their homes to encourage and pray for one another. However, their activities are limited as the government does not permit conducting in-home church services.

We pray this construction effort will be used for God’s glory to establish the Burundi saints in the faith and add souls to His Kingdom.  

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