A Beautiful Gospel in Eswatini

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Eswatini camp meeting continues with Bible teachings in the mornings, evangelistic services in the evenings, and various church activities in the afternoons. John Musgrave, Director of Africa Work, sent this report of the past several days’ meetings.

For each of the Bible teachings, Tino Bhosha of Zimbabwe provided a keyboard prelude. Attendees from Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe have been active in every service, representing their countries well. The music specials have included instrumental solos, vocal solos and ensembles, and choir numbers. Everyone has done a great job. Most of the songs have been in Swazi, but at times a few verses have been sung in English, including from these favorite hymns: “Take Time to be Holy,” “Room at the Cross for You,” and “Dwelling in Beulah Land.”

This has felt like an old fashioned camp meeting with our tent pitched centrally in the city. There have been several visitors, including an older gentleman who was passing by and heard the music from the street. He was thrilled by the music and the message.

All of the messages have been inspiring. Monday’s teaching focused on “The Work of the Holy Spirit” and the Tuesday teaching, which was taken from Hebrews 12:10, was on being “Partakers of God’s Holiness.” Both were given by Newton Jaravani, the Zimbabwe board secretary and treasurer. On Monday evening, Kwaziso Bhosha, a Zimbabwe board member and the South Africa liaison for Eswatini, preached from Romans 5:12-20 on “The New Man.” The Tuesday evening message came from Matthew 13:44 and focused on “God’s Treasures.”

A youth service was held on Tuesday afternoon. The prelude included a song in Swazi by the young people’s choir followed by a vocal solo of “Teach Me, Lord.” Before the message, a trio from Botswana sang “Trinity Song.” Then Aaron Macharangwanda of Botswana took his text from 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 and spoke on “Bless Me Indeed.” He admonished the young people not to pray for material blessings, but to ask God to keep them from the evil in the world.

During the Wednesday morning Bible teaching, two new board members were ordained: Fansile Mlangeni and Enock Hlophe. As the ministers gathered around them and prayed, the congregation joined in.

Every meeting has ended with a rush to the altar and a good time of prayer as the people eagerly respond to the Gospel. I have observed that the Kingdom of Eswatini is indeed a beautiful country, but it is far surpassed by the beauty of the Gospel and the people of God here who embrace it.

Brother John is now in Johannesburg, South Africa, joined by Erik Calhoun of Portland. They have an early morning flight to Angola, where they plan to attend the Angola camp meeting, which begins on Sunday, August 18.

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