July 12, 2021

Proving the Value of Prayer

God has proved His love to me repeatedly, and I am grateful. When I was growing up, our family did not know the truth of God, and we worshipped ancestral spirits. Yet God loved me and allowed me to hear about salvation through my uncle who was a Christian. My parents lived in a rural area, and I went to stay with this uncle to pursue my education. When I learned about God, strong conviction came upon me. One day when I was praying alone, I asked for forgiveness of my sins, and God through His mercy forgave me. I did not know what to expect, but He filled me with great joy.

When God changed my heart, He helped me to make restitutions. I returned school books I had taken from the secondary school I had attended. Also, I apologized to my father and my uncle whom I had wronged.

A while after that, the Spirit of God moved me to pray while I was studying in a college library, and there God sanctified me. He gave me such peace that I wished everyone could receive the same experience. That peace remains with me always. I have faced many challenges in life, but God’s peace comforts me.

One night as I was praying alone in my uncle’s house, the Lord filled me with the Holy Ghost and fire. Without my effort, praises flowed out of my mouth in a language that was not my own. The church I attended while in college had taught people how to “speak in tongues,” but God gave me the true experience. This gave me power to testify about Jesus.

God has been so faithful to lead and help in every situation of life. When I did not have money to continue with my education, God provided. After I finished my degree program, He miraculously gave me a job, though it was not easy to obtain employment so quickly.

One of my prayers was that God would bless me with a Christian husband, rather than one who might lead me back into worshipping ancestral spirits. God answered my request and gave me a godly husband who supports me spiritually and materially. The Lord has given us peace in our home, and has blessed us with four children who are all in the Gospel.

Our family is a living testimony that God heals, provides, and keeps.

Our family is a living testimony that God heals, provides, and keeps. When our first child was less than three months old, he was diagnosed with cancer. Although he was getting the best medical treatment available, the cancer was destroying his white blood cells. It seemed that if he survived, he would permanently be in a wheelchair.

During this illness, God put so much peace in my heart. When the doctors described the serious condition our child was in, they thought I did not understand and needed an interpreter. But the peace was because the Lord Jesus carried the burden for me and gave me His lighter yoke.

All earthly hope was gone, but a prayer request was made. The people of God prayed, and God miraculously delivered our son from that desperate condition and restored his health. It was such a miracle that even the doctors who were attending him were surprised. Later, when he was in school, he was able to play rugby. He went to a university outside our country, and God kept him by His grace. He is now working and is in good health.

God has helped our other children as well. Our second child had asthma when she was in primary school, but God healed her completely. When one daughter was attending the university, she shared a room with someone who had tuberculosis, and she contracted the disease. Prayer was made, and God healed her. He helped us to learn the value of prayer concerning every need. The Lord caused all our children to survive, and they are grown now.

Over the years, God has provided for us. When our children were still very young, we moved from the small city of Gweru to Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. We did not have our own house, so with our children, we prayed for a house which would be situated near our church, a school, a clinic, a hospital, and a preschool, and also where transport was easily available. In a wonderful way, God gave us such a place. The people who sold us the house accommodated us as if we had been their relatives. Later, God gave us a bigger home in an even better place, and that is where we are living still. God’s mercies never end!

When our first two children had just started secondary education, my husband and I both lost our jobs. We did not know whether the children would be able to continue with their education, but God provided a way for them to attend good schools, even though the fees were expensive.

Now my husband spends more time in the Lord’s work, but God provides the means to support our family. The Lord has taught me that it is His provision that matters, not our education, savings, or effort.

At another time when our children were young, my job was so demanding that I had no time with them. I gave up the job in order to look after them, and this gave me an opportunity to read God’s Word and pray with them. When they were older, I asked the Lord to help me get back into employment circulation. Although there were economic hardships in the country at the time, He did it for me. I did not formally train for the job that I am doing now, but God has helped me. Now my husband spends more time in the Lord’s work, but God provides the means to support our family. The Lord has taught me that it is His provision that matters, not our education, savings, or effort.

God has also protected us. In 2000, we were nearly in a head-on collision. While trying to avoid an oncoming vehicle, our car skidded and went off the road. Eight of us were in the car, and it happened so fast that I believed we were all going to die. We landed upside down over a fence, but God spared our lives.

In mercy God reached out and saved my parents before they passed away. We stayed with each of them toward the end of their lives, and we saw them receive salvation and live a new life. How we thank God!

Jesus is everything to us! We look up to Him in every situation. He has given me many great privileges, and I do not deserve all His favor, love, and blessings. I am happy in the Lord, and my prayer is to make Heaven my home.

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