Portland Campground Storm Damage

January 23, 2024

Portland Campground Storm Damage

An ice storm swept through the Pacific Northwest from January 13-19, 2024, causing three tall trees on the Portland campground to fall. The result was major damage to several cabins, the shared laundry facility, a water line, and the fence that partitions the front and back areas of the campground. Thankfully, none of the trees hit the tabernacle, though one did fall within inches of it.

A fourth tree near the tabernacle was identified as showing signs that it would soon fall, so workers tied it with large ropes for reinforcement. The Lord helped it to stay standing until winds subsided enough to bring in a 140-foot crane and have it safely removed. 

Workers identified some other trees on the campground that were also endangering church buildings, and on January 22 a team began the process of removing them. They will be replaced with shorter evergreen trees, which likely will eventually reach the height of the tabernacle dome. Interestingly, that height is about how tall the recently removed trees were when the campground was purchased over 100 years ago.

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