St. Louis Youth Weekend

The Apostolic Faith Church in St. Louis, Missouri, held a youth revival on June 11-13, with the theme “Back to Bethel: Upholding the Faith of Our Fathers.” The Friday evening service began with a children’s choir singing “Jesus Loves Me,” followed by Jonathan Cantrell welcoming the guest minister, Esther Olusanya, who attended with her family from Worth, Illinois. Alex Cantrell led the congregation in singing youth camp songs. Folu Olusanya testified of God’s protection and provisions over the previous year. After Nathan McCarville sang “I Must Tell Jesus,” a few more testified of God’s faithfulness and saving power, including Rebecca Oyedokun, Seun Ajayi, and Jackie Idowu. Before the sermon, Sister Alex sang “I’d Rather Have Jesus.” Sister Esther read Genesis 35:1-7 for her text, bringing out that Jacob found himself in a situation where he had forgotten God, and needed to return to the place where he had previously experienced God in his life. Sister Esther encouraged the backsliders and those who had never been saved, as well as anyone who found themselves too busy for God, to return to “Bethel” and stay there until they experienced God’s power in their lives. The sweet presence of the Holy Spirit was felt during the service.

On Saturday, the youth and adults gathered at the Cantrell house for lunch and outdoor activities. DJ Ojo led the worship singing on the acoustic guitar, accompanied by Brother Seun on the keyboard, and Brother Jonathan on the electric bass. Then the young people split into three teams and played a Jeopardy-style game focusing on the seventeen doctrines of the Apostolic Faith Church. Following the game, Brother Jonathan encouraged everyone to visit the church website or app to familiarize themselves with the doctrines. The weather was hot and humid, but that did not hinder anyone from having a wonderful time.

Sunday began with a Sunday school session, followed by a youth service. The prelude featured a violin duet by Clara and Karen Oyedokun and a trumpet solo by Jason Idowu. The service also included special recognition of those who had graduated from high school, and those who were advancing to middle or high school. A gift was presented to each of the seven graduates. After a duet sang “The Blood-Washed Pilgrim,” several gave victorious testimonies. Before the sermon, Rebecca Oyedokun sang the last special. Sister Esther took her texts from Leviticus 10:1-2 (the account of Aaron’s sons suffering the consequences of offering strange fire before the Lord) and 6:12-13 (God’s instructions for offering proper sacrifices). She encouraged the young people not to disregard the things of God, and reminded them that God’s ways are doable for every generation. She used the example of her dad’s testimony proving the faithfulness of God in his life, and she encouraged everyone to cling to God and be faithful.

The congregation in St. Louis is thankful for the visitors from branch churches, and for the blessings of God that were experienced throughout the weekend.

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