Romania Trip Yields Good Services, Fellowship, and Prayer

From the Superintendent's DESK

John Musgrave, Director of Romania Work, and Harlan Lee of Roseburg, Oregon, are happy to be back in Romania for our first mission trip to that country since the COVID restrictions began. Hunter Cripps of the Portland congregation is accompanying them as they visit the saints, participate in church services, and conduct minister meetings. 

The three arrived in Arad on Friday, January 21, and that evening, met with Gheorghe Macovei and Ted Bora, the Eastern and Western Romania District Superintendents, respectively. The next day, a ministers’ meeting was held at the Zadareni church, which serves as the headquarters for our Western Romania work. Brother John noted that the interior of the building had been refreshed, and he said it was nicely done.

Attending the meeting, were all the leaders from our western region churches: Bulgarus, Comlosu Mic, Gottlob, Sanpetru German, Teremia Mica, and Zadareni. In addition, Nico Tudor was ordained and given a new position. He had been leading the Sanpetru German church, but will now be the associate pastor to Brother Ted at Zadareni. Brother John said the meeting was productive and went well.

On Sunday, the team went to Bulgarus for the morning service and had a wonderful time of fellowship. While there, Brother John officiated a vow renewal ceremony for Pastor Oliver Zan and his wife of fifty years, Ecaterina. Afterward, a celebration dinner was given in their honor.

For the evening service, the three went to the Comlosu Mic church where Viorel Farcas is the pastor. They reported that he has been improving the property and it looks quite nice. They had a good service, which included a solo sung by Brother Viorel’s wife, and then everyone was invited to the Fellowship Hall for a meal.  

On Monday evening, the team went to Teremia Mica for a service. Brother Hunter shared his testimony through an interpreter, as he has been doing at every location, and it was an encouragement to all.  

After visiting our churches in Western Romania, the missionaries traveled to Craiova, where the headquarters for our Southern Romania work is located. They conducted a ministers’ meeting on Saturday, January 29, with all of the pastors in attendance as well as several ministers.

The next day, they attended the Sunday morning service in Motatei Sat. Brother John said there was a nice turnout, especially considering that some are out sick at this time. He also said a sweet Spirit was felt throughout the service and many prayed afterward. In addition, a couple dozen requested to be anointed and prayed for.      

In the afternoon, the group visited a new church project site in Capu Dealului. The land was purchased in 2018, and good progress is now being made toward building a church on it. Currently the congregation meets in the home of the pastor, Nicu Comanescu. In the evening, the congregation gathered there for a service, expecting it to be brief, because the power had been out in the village all day. However, just as the missionaries arrived, the power came back on and they had a good meeting filled with enthusiasm. The singing was whole-hearted, many were saying “Amen” and “Hallelujah” throughout, and there was another good response at the time of prayer.

Our team is enjoying their time in Romania. This week, they are continuing to visit our churches in the southern region.  

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