Richland Center Special Meetings

Special meetings held at the Apostolic Faith Church in Richland Center, Wisconsin, from October 28-30, and attendees came from branch churches in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Worth, Illinois; and St. Louis, Missouri.

On Friday evening, the church was filled to capacity with overflow seating in the basement. The service began with a trombone and baritone duet of “Soldiers of Emmanuel.” The Madison choir sang “We Shall Rise” before the testimony portion of the service. One man testified that when God saved him, he was delivered from nightmares and difficulty with sleeping. A lady told that when she attended special meetings in Richland Center eight years ago, she was very sick, but after being prayed for, God healed her. Before the sermon, a mixed quartet from Minneapolis sang “Church in the Wildwood.” The guest speaker for the weekend, pastor John Jordan of Grants Pass, Oregon, read Acts 9:1-7 for his text and encouraged the congregation to have an encounter with God that will make a difference in their lives.

The Saturday morning service began with a children’s group singing a song about the Creation and another song titled “The Fruit Song.” Then a violin trio from Minneapolis played “Day by Day.” The first special was a mixed trio from Milwaukee singing “Step into the Water.” During testimonies, a man said that when he was saved, he had to choose between serving God or keeping his job, and he is thankful he chose God because his life has been blessed. A lady said that she had complications with her pregnancy and her baby was not developing properly in the womb, but God protected him and he is now a healthy baby. Another man told how his young son sang the song “V Is for Victory” before he went in for surgery, and God brought him through. Before the sermon, a choir from St. Louis sang “Jerusalem.” Brother John took his text from Ecclesiastes 11:1, bringing out that the seed of the Gospel is good and when it is spread, it will thrive and grow. He encouraged the congregation to do all they can to pass the Gospel on to others so that lives will be changed.

On Saturday evening, everyone gathered for a bonfire at a local farm to indulge in roasted hotdogs and marshmallows, as well as chili, chips, and cookies. The fellowship was fantastic, and the evening concluded with a short sing-along before dark.

A combined brass group played “He Ransomed Me” and “I Feel like Traveling On” to open the Sunday morning service. The first special was a Worth choir singing “God Said You’re Gonna Make It.” Before the sermon, a soloist sang “Don’t Quit.” Brother John read Acts 16:25-34 for his text, and emphasized that those who are saved and put their trust in God find that the Gospel meets their every need and never fails.

Although many had to leave on Sunday afternoon to travel home, a few were able to stay for the evening service. It opened with a piano solo, “All Hail, King Jesus.” Then a violin trio from Madison played a classical number and “Jesus Is My All in All.” Ben and Stephanie Luebbert sang “Here I Am, Lord” to open the testimony portion of the service. A man testified that when he began attending the Apostolic Faith Church and gave his heart to God, his family refused to pay for his education. However, God provided and his tuition needs were met. Before the sermon, Kent and Bonni Thompson sang “Remind Me, Dear Lord.” Brother John read Psalm 92:8-10 for his text, and encouraged the congregation to seek for spiritual refreshing to keep the oil of God’s Spirit burning in their hearts.

The special meetings were a wonderful time of spiritual renewal and fellowship, and the prayer is that all who attended will be inspired to draw closer to God and be what He wants them to be.

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