Oceanside Special Meetings

Revival meetings were held at the Apostolic Faith Church in Oceanside, New York, on June 6-13, 2021. The theme, “Re-digging the Wells Stopped by the Enemy,” was taken from Genesis 26:18, and was based on the account where Isaac discovered a “well of springing water” when he re-dug the wells that the Philistines had plugged.

The rendition of “Lord, Be Glorified” with “Take My Life and Let It Be” set the tone for the opening service. Focusing on the theme, the minister encouraged the congregation to maneuver the challenges of life by being obedient to God’s instructions.

For the Monday evening service, the minister took his text from Hebrews 12:14, and emphasized the need to seek for peace through Jesus Christ who enables us to live in peace and holiness without worrying about the things of tomorrow.

The text on Tuesday evening was from Genesis 26, and the minister brought out that although Isaac had inherited God’s promises through his father, Abraham, he had to claim those promises for himself when faced with challenging circumstances. She encouraged the congregation to look to God’s Word and focus on His promises for every need in their lives.

On Wednesday evening, the minister preached from Romans 12:1-2 and Hebrews 12:1-2. He encouraged everyone to present themselves as living sacrifices to God, and make sure their hearts are open to receive what He has for them.

On Thursday evening, the minister read John 14:27, and brought out that living in peace with others is accomplished by following God’s instructions and avoiding the traps of the enemy.

The minister took his text from James 4:7 for the Friday evening message, and emphasized the importance of submitting to God and drawing closer to Him.

On Sunday morning, the minister read the account of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-10, and encouraged the congregation to believe in the power of Jesus’ death on the Cross to set people free from their sins. He brought out that Jesus is the problem solver, and He will give the gift of salvation to anyone who comes to Him.

Throughout the week of revival meetings, soul-inspiring songs were rendered, including “Send the Fire,” “The Great Revival,” “Seeking the Lost,” and “When I See the Blood.” Inspiring testimonies of victory, healing, divine protection, and revival were an encouragement to all. The whole week was certainly a blessed time of “re-digging spiritual wells,” and the attendees returned home feeling revived in their souls.

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