Houston Bellfort Special Meetings

Special meetings were held at the Bellfort branch of the Apostolic Faith Church in Houston, Texas, on September 15-19.  The month prior to the meetings was dedicated to consecration and prayer that God would pour out His blessings. Many invitations were sent out, and a number of visitors attended the services. On the Sunday before the special meetings, five first-time visitors were present, and three of them prayed through to salvation.

On the Wednesday night that the meetings began, the sanctuary was almost full, with many expressing how happy they were to attend in-person services though a number of churches are still closed because of Covid-19. Josephine McElveen, District Superintendent of the Southern and Eastern Churches in the United States, was the guest speaker for the meetings, and all of her sermons were an exhortation to draw closer to God.

One of Sister Josephine’s sermon topics was “Who Will Abide in God’s Tabernacle (Heaven)?” Taking her text from Psalm 15:1-5, she expounded on what it will take to reach Heaven and dwell with God in the New Jerusalem. She emphasized the need to walk uprightly, live righteously, and speak the truth in our hearts. Following the service, many spent time in prayer, and a young lady and her fiancé were saved. God’s presence could be felt in all of the altar services, and also in the prayer room preceding the services. Many received various spiritual blessings as they poured their hearts out to God in prayer.

On Saturday evening, there was a concert featuring a choir and participants from nearby branch churches, including the Reed Road branch in Houston. One inspiring selection came from the Sunday school beginners’ class, with the conductor being around seven years old. The young adults also participated, and there were several instrumental numbers. Another highlight was the choir singing “The New Jerusalem,” with a lead soloist and Scripture verses read from Revelation 21. All of the musicians and directors did a fantastic job of honoring God with their presentations.

During the concluding Sunday service, Sister Josephine took her text from John 5:1-9, bringing out how Jesus instantly healed the impotent man after he had tried for many years on his own to be the first one in the pool. She encouraged the congregation to be made whole from sin, sickness, and anything else they needed deliverance from. Once again, many flocked to the altars to pour their hearts out to God in prayer.

This year’s special meetings will stand out in the hearts of all who attended, and the congregation sincerely thanks all who joined them in person and in prayer for God to pour out His blessings. The results were evident in all the services!

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