God’s Healing Power Results in New Romania Church

From the Superintendent's DESK

This past week, John Musgrave, Harlan Lee, and Hunter Cripps, completed their visits to the churches that comprise the southern and eastern regions of our work in Romania. On Monday, January 31, they were in the Oltenia Province in southern Romania at the Osica de Jos church and enjoyed a sweet service. Afterward, many requested to be anointed and prayed for.  

The next day, the three went to Radovan, which is our newest location in Romania. The group here formed as a result of God’s healing power. In 2020, our team in Romania learned of a new convert who had been bedridden for two years after a spinal injury left him paralyzed. As they were in the area, they went to his house to offer encouragement as well as anoint and pray for him. They left not knowing the outcome, but the Lord undertook and he was healed! Since then, Brother Marian has become an evangelist, publishing the news in nearby towns. With the help of Pavel Balanoiu and Mara Negrila, the leaders of our work in the Oltenia area, he has been able to organize and hold church services.

Tuesday's service was attended by sixty-five, including some visitors from the community. They met in a church built onto the back of Brother Marian’s house. It measured about 350 square feet, but there was room for all. Many from the congregation participated in the service and this yielded outstanding music and testimonies. In addition, Brother John said there was standing room only at the altar benches afterward. Following the prayer time, a water baptismal service was held for a couple who were the first converts at this location. It was a joyous occasion and a good way to end the night.

Our team next went to the Craiova church, which is the headquarters for our southern region, and held their last service in this area. About forty were in attendance, and they enjoyed another good service. Brother John said the prayer time was also good, and they had opportunity to pray with a few who wanted to be saved. Afterward, several asked to be anointed and prayed for and then they had a little time left for fellowship before leaving the Oltenia area.

On Thursday, the team was in the eastern region of our Romania work for an evening service at Bucharest. It was a blessed service with the Spirit felt throughout, and the prayer time was good also. Afterward, they had light refreshments and an opportunity to visit.

The next day, they were in Ramnicu Sarat for another evening service. Brother John said several improvements to the property had been made since his last visit, including a new fence and gate, and everything looked very nice. He also said the congregation was enthusiastic and they had a wonderful service. This was followed by a good response to the invitation to pray at the close. 

Our team is now in the northeast Romania visiting our churches in and around the city of Pascani.  

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