God Delivers Across Zambia

From the Superintendent's DESK

Across Zambia, several camp meetings and special meetings have been held since June with reports of high attendance, a spiritual hunger among the congregants, and many blessings recorded.

In the Eastern Province, a sister from the Chipangali District testified of being miraculously healed. After two surgeries, she was scheduled for a third, but she requested prayer and the saints prayed fervently. Then one night in her sleep, she saw an angel touch her. When she returned to the hospital, the doctors found that the ailment was gone, and they canceled the surgery. 

In the Northern Province, fifteen received salvation on the first day of special meetings held for the youth in the Kaputa District. This happened after brethren went to a local government office to rent a tarp in preparation for the meetings. A woman who worked there felt compelled to attend the services. She came on the opening day for the Sunday devotional service and prayed through to salvation. Later that day, she returned for another service, bringing her daughter who was possessed by demons. The Lord instantly delivered her daughter and tears of joy flowed as the two embraced. The daughter then testified that for the first time, she felt joy unspeakable in her heart. This prompted others to pray and receive deliverance from sin.

In the Lusaka Province, the national youth rally was held in August at the Zambia headquarters on the John Howard campground. This year’s theme was “Called to Finish” with text from 2 Timothy 4:7. The focus was on running the Christian race with emphasis on having a starting point and continuing through to the finish. The Lord’s presence was felt in every service, and after each meeting, the altars filled with young people tarrying in prayer, seeking for their deeper Christian experiences. By the midpoint, twenty-three had recorded the blessing of receiving salvation.

In the Central Province, a young man testified of being “doubly saved.” In the first instance, the Lord miraculously delivered him when his boat capsized on the Kafue River during flooding. The second deliverance occurred when he attended an Apostolic Faith camp meeting in the Kabwe District. Searching for truth, and being tired of his life of sin, he prayed, and God saved him.

Special meetings at various locations throughout Zambia are scheduled to take place through the month of October. Should the Lord tarry, we look forward to many more blessings received of God.

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