East Bridgewater Youth Weekend

The 2021 annual youth weekend at the Apostolic Faith Church in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, began on June 4 after three days of prayer and consecration requesting that God would draw hearts to Himself. The Friday evening service opened with an organ prelude, followed by the choir singing “Our God Reigns.” John Adebayo, the youth leader in East Bridgewater, welcomed those attending in person, as well as those participating online. Itunu Goudegla introduced the theme song for the weekend, “Occupy Till I Come.” After the choir sang “When I Look into Your Holiness,” Lana Alofe, the group leader in East Bridgewater, led the congregation in prayer. A newly married couple, Seyi and Alexis Alabi, shared their testimonies, thanking God for His help and protection during their wedding, and the job He provided for Alexis after she relocated from South Carolina. Another testimony was shared by Joshua Anudu stating that he was thankful that his father, who is in his seventies, is in good health. Before the sermon, Ayoola Olaoye sang “Find Us Faithful.” Kundai Kumutando, a young minister who recently relocated to Massachusetts from Zimbabwe, took her text from Matthew 25:14 and encouraged the congregation to faithfully use their talents for God. A good prayer meeting followed the service.

On Saturday morning, two seminars titled “Holiness in Our Finances” and “God’s Will in Our Careers” were presented by six panelists from branch churches. The three panelists for “Holiness in Our Finances” were Ann DePaula from Bronx, New York; Joseph Asaya from Portland, Oregon; and Taiwo Oladapo from Washington, D.C. They focused on how to honor God and maintain stable finances while faithfully doing God’s work. The three panelists discussing “God’s Will in Our Careers” were Timothy Ajayi from Oceanside, New York; Bobby Toure from Brooklyn, New York; and Daniel Adewoyin from Wharton, New Jersey. They emphasized that seeking God’s will when choosing a career is vital because He knows the end from the beginning. One of the verses they referred to was Psalm 37:23, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.” Thirty-six people logged into Zoom to take part in the two sessions. Afterward, everyone had an opportunity to interact with the panelists and each other. On Saturday evening, recorded songs from the Southern and Eastern District were featured on East Bridgewater’s Facebook page, and received around 280 views.

Sunday began with a Sunday school lesson titled “Teach Me to Pray.” Taiwo Ehineni used various illustrations on how prayer should include the right components. He encouraged everyone to use the model of the Lord’s Prayer provided by Jesus as a guide.

The morning worship service began with an organ prelude by Folubi Awobayiku, followed by a welcome by the youth leader. The choir sang “Living on the Victory Side” and “Draw Me Close to Thee,” after which the congregation sang the theme song and other selections. After the prayer by Victor Awobayiku, a mixed quartet sang “Seeking the Lost.” The Scripture reading from Luke 19:12-13 was read by Sister Kundai. Before the sermon, Ayo Olaoye sang “Give of Your Best to the Master.” John Adebayo took his texts from Luke 19:12-13 and Matthew 25:1-13, and brought out that God is looking for those who will be faithful and righteous in His service. After the closing congregational song and prayer, the congregation went to prayer asking God to renew their desire to be faithful in His work and truly occupy until Jesus comes.

There were around 570 views on East Bridgewater’s Facebook page, and two visitors attended in person for the first time. They said they had been praying for God to lead them to where they should worship after recently moving to the area. They were warmly received and promised to continue worshiping with the group. All who attended the youth weekend in person and online were blessed by the services. The prayer is that they will wholeheartedly occupy in God’s service until Jesus comes.

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