East Bridgewater Youth Rally

The annual youth rally at the Apostolic Faith Church in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, was held June 3-5. The theme was “Christian Integrity,” and the theme verse was Proverbs 11:3, “The integrity of the upright shall guide them.” The guest speaker was Ifiok Ekanem, a youth minister from Washington, D.C.

The Friday evening service began with a piano prelude, followed by a string quartet of Rimitan Alofe and Tolu Olaoye (violins), Temilorun Alofe (viola), and Tola Olaoye (cello) playing “There Is a Redeemer.” Then the youth choir sang “Jesus Is the Answer.” After John Adebayo, the youth leader in East Bridgewater, welcomed everyone, Kundai Kamutando introduced the theme song, “Silver and Gold,” and led the congregational singing. Following prayer, a mixed quartet sang “Victory in Jesus.” Before the sermon, Sister Rimitan sang “With All My Heart.” Brother Ifiok took his text from Joshua 7:21, bringing out that sin has consequences. He encouraged the congregation to maintain integrity and holiness in their Christian walks. Around thirty-five people attended the service in person, while others joined on Zoom and Facebook Live. Travis Ferguson, who recently relocated to Massachusetts from Portland, Oregon, provided everyone with hamburgers, hotdogs, and potato salad following the service.

On Saturday morning, around seventy-five youth and adults gathered at Houghton’s Park for fellowship, Spirit-led discussions, and fun-filled games. The sessions began with joyful praise and worship, and then everyone split into groups by age. The beginners and elementary groups were led by Grace Ehineni and Brother Kundai, both from East Bridgewater; Taiwo Oladapo, from Washington, D.C., and Daniel Adewoyin, from Wharton, New Jersey, led the junior group; Brother Ifiok and Tayo Ajayi, from Wharton, led the adults. The discussions explored age-appropriate challenges and encouraged holding to Biblical virtues and maintaining Christian integrity.

Saturday evening featured melodious renditions from various branch churches, as well as congregational singing. The participating branch churches included Wharton, New Jersey; Washington, D.C.; and Oceanside, New York. A sweet spirit was felt as the instrumentalists and vocalists gave glory to God. Brother Ifiok read Luke 10:25-37 for his message, and encouraged the congregation to express God’s love and do their best to share the Gospel and win souls for Christ. Around seventy people attended.

Sunday began with Sunday school and classes for all ages, followed by the devotional service attended by around seventy-three people. The service opened with the orchestra playing “Glorify Thy Name,” followed by the combined choir singing “Give Me Oil in My Lamp.” After the middle prayer, the East Bridgewater choir sang “A Closer Walk with Thee.” Timothy Ajayi, the youth leader in Oceanside, read Job 1:1-5 for the Scripture reading. Before the sermon, Jessica Ekanem sang “I Can Only Imagine.” Brother Ifiok took his text from Job 2:9-13, and brought out that God’s ways are not man’s ways. He encouraged the congregation to build a strong relationship with God so that they can stand firm when the trials of life come their way.

The youth weekend was a time of fellowship and consecration. The East Bridgewater congregation is praising God for His powerful presence and for the participation from various branch churches. The prayer is that God will continue to perfect His work in the hearts of all who attended, and that they will be ready for His glorious return.

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