A Beautiful Church for Humulesti Saints

Georghe Macovei, the Eastern Romania District Superintendent, recently returned from a visit to northern Romania and sent a report of the saints in Humulesti. Pastored by Ioan "Boboc" Calus, they are thankful that progress is being made toward constructing a beautiful church building. With the doors and windows recently mounted, and the electrical system now going in, the project is nearing completion.

For several years, the congregation of about forty has been holding meetings in a one-room addition on the front of Brother Boboc’s house. When our team from the Portland headquarters visited in 2016, about fifty-five attended each service, and it was determined that a larger place of worship was necessary. The saints looked to the Lord for guidance on how to proceed, and in April of 2019, a plot of land was secured.

When the new building is finished, it will easily accommodate the current congregation and guests while still allowing room for growth. As we join the Humulesti saints in giving thanks for this new place of worship, let us rejoice in all God has provided.

Also, please remember Brother Gheorghe in your prayers. Upon his return from northern Romania, he tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently under a fourteen-day quarantine. He is doing well, and is active at home, tending to his bees, but would appreciate our prayers.

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