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06-27-2022 – Last Days Presentation

On Monday, June 27, Cheryl Downey gave a presentation on the “Last Days” where she explained some current events that indicate the tribulation period is coming soon. She spoke about events in Israel, the globalism movement that seeks a one-world government, looming worldwide crises, and moral decay.

Sister Cheryl began by speaking about Israel, explaining that it is a gauge of God’s time clock because it will play an important role during the Tribulation. Scripture indicates that there will be a Third Temple in Jerusalem during the Tribulation, and today the blueprints and implements for that Temple are ready. We read in 2 Thessalonians 2 that the Antichrist will set himself up there as God. Sister Cheryl also said that for years, most nations have pushed for a two-state solution to the longstanding Arab/Israeli conflict by establishing a Palestinian State within Israel’s borders. In 2016, for the first time, a United States administration called for Jerusalem to be divided. While many have touted the success of the Abraham Accords in 2020, all the participating Arab nations are calling for Jerusalem to be divided. In addition, there is a mounting threat against Israel from Iran and from Hezbollah in Lebanon, Gaza, and Yemen. At some point, Israel will give in to the world’s demands, signing a peace agreement with the Antichrist, which will begin the final seven years of human government.

Another key point in the presentation was about the trend toward a one-world government. Globalization is when the world becomes more connected and interdependent through trade and technology, and Sister Cheryl explained how the Covid pandemic and looming food shortages, wars, economic collapses, and other global crises have increased calls for global leadership. There are many organizations involved in globalizing the world, and one leader is the World Economic Forum (WEF). Their goal is control of society by a group of elitists and technocrats, and they see a future where problems can be addressed by embedding technology within humans. In February of this year, the WEF published an article about a digital ID system that would collect personal data about online behavior, purchases, medical history, energy usage, and much more. This data would then determine who is eligible to initiate financial transactions, receive health care, travel, and so on. Sister Cheryl said this is a portrayal of what the Antichrist’s system of governance will look like, and it is on our doorstep.

The WEF has a group of Young Global Leaders which began in 2004. Today, there are over 1300 members and alumni, representing over 100 nationalities. Most of these are active in governments and influential businesses around the world, meaning that key worldwide institutions are permeated with globalist leaders. In addition, globalists are close to achieving a centralized digital currency system. On March 9, U. S. President Biden signed an executive order calling for the U.S. government to assess the risks and benefits of cryptocurrencies and explore a digital version of the dollar, and many other nations are doing the same. This will make it possible for central government to control every financial transaction, ration goods, penalize unacceptable views and behavior, and redistribute wealth as they see it. Beyond just tracking humans, a trans-human movement seeks to use artificial intelligence and bio-technology to re-engineer life, giving humans “god-like” abilities. These ideas are all in alignment with the Revelation 13 description of Antichrist’s Mark of the Best.

Sister Cheryl also spoke about 2 Thessalonians 2:3, where Paul stated in that there will be a “falling away” prior to Jesus’ return. In America alone, Christian values have become extremely unpopular, and a 2022 poll reported that only 37% of U.S. pastors hold a Biblical worldview. Paul’s prophecy is already being fulfilled.  

While these trends can be unsettling, Sister Cheryl reminded the audience that God is fully in control, orchestrating events on His timetable, and believers can rest in the hope of the Rapture. Sister Cheryl closed with the words of Titus 2:13, “Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.” Though the world is growing ever more sinful, this world is not our home. One day soon, Jesus will come and take us to our true home in Heaven!

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