Begin your day in God's Word.
The Bully

When I was about eight years old there was a boy who lived down the block from us who was a big bully. I was a girl, small for my age, and very frightened of him. One evening, my mother sent me to the corner grocery store for a few items. I had to pass the apartment building where he lived and he saw me. After I left the store with my bag of groceries, I knew he was following me, so I decided to go home on another street, but he continued to follow me. Suddenly, he came up behind me and began hitting me in the face and knocking all the groceries onto the sidewalk. Naturally, I ran home crying, and he took off in another direction. I was not seriously injured, but I feared him so much that I would not even tell my parents who it was that hit me! Only age helped me to realize that was not a wise thing for me to do. It was a terrible feeling to have that kind of fear.

The enemy of our souls is a bully too. He would like to detour us from our pathway to Heaven and cause us to become discouraged. He tries to sneak up and attack us, and use scare tactics to make us constantly afraid of what might happen to us next. As Christians, we can count on Satan trying to cause problems, yet we do not have to suffer in fear. Jesus tells us in His Word that He is greater than the devil and can overcome any of his attacks. If we will only call on Jesus’ name, He will protect and defend us, and keep us safely on the way to Heaven.

There is a matter in my life that I have been praying about for several years now. The devil will sometimes come and whisper, “God will never answer that prayer.” When he tries to bully me like that, I run to Jesus for safety and comfort. He reminds me that I can trust His promises and that He is leading my life in a good path.

Whenever Satan attacks with roaring threats, turn to Jesus, our faithful Protector. Those bullying tactics are powerless against our mighty God!