Begin your day in God's Word.

“It’s the worst day of my life!” my daughter wailed. She had just engaged in a disagreement with her sister, and I had reprimanded her for her reaction. In response to her despair, I reminded her that no, it was not the worst day, but rather a bad five minutes. Sometimes it takes some schooling to learn to keep our troubles in perspective!

How would we feel if someone gave us advice on how to have a terrible day? They might begin by telling us to not have faith that God will help us during difficult situations, to remember everything that has gone wrong today or in the past, and to especially brood over the things we have no power to change. Perhaps they would suggest that we wish for what we may never obtain, to dwell on everyone else’s shortcomings, and to criticize the various people we encounter. We should refuse to be cheered up, and of course, we would be told to complain about the weather, not forgetting to throw in a few grumbles about potholes, the government, our fellow workers, and stray animals. If we heeded this advice, we would end up in a real pity-party, and certainly would have a terrible day!

In contrast, what if we were given the opposite kind of advice? We would be reminded that God is first in every decision, and we should trust Him to guide us in every circumstance. With regard to wrongs we have endured in the past, brooding over them only leads to multiplied problems. Further guidance would tell us to be content with what we have, not continually yearning for more. As we interact with our fellowmen, instead of criticism, we can ask the Lord to help us see them through His eyes.

Thank God for all of His good gifts—His forgiveness and communion with us, the treasures found in the Bible, the beauty of this world, the love of family, the kindness and fellowship of other Christians, and material goods we are privileged to have. Then, when we encounter negative issues in our lives, we can deal with the problems we are able to remedy with God’s help, and pray for God’s strength in the things we have no control over. The end result is that we focus on good instead of bad, and positive rather than negative. The Lord gives us happiness. Try it!