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Peace on Rough Seas

Recently someone asked me if it was possible to sleep on a small boat while it is sailing on rough seas. I had such an experience several years ago, and I could say that the answer is yes—especially when Jesus is in the boat!

While my husband and I were enjoying our honeymoon, he decided to sign us up to go scuba diving. Despite the fact that neither of us knew how to scuba dive, I decided to go anyway just for the boat ride and to sightsee. When we arrived at the dock to board the boat, my first thought was that it sure was a small boat. Nevertheless, we boarded it along with a few other people.

The ride out to our destination was enjoyable, but the ride back to shore was a different story. The waves on the sea became very rough. Our little boat rocked from side to side and bounced up and down. As I glanced around at some of the other passengers, they looked the way I felt—sick! One lady was literally turning green! I thought about telling my husband how badly I felt, but I figured I would talk to Jesus instead, since my husband was not going to be able to help me at that point anyway. I shut my eyes, and after that I cannot really explain what happened, but as I began to ask Jesus to help me, I fell asleep. I actually slept the entire trip back to shore. When we reached the dock, a tap on my shoulder awakened me. It was my husband telling me that it was time to get off the boat. I was so amazed! How was this possible? Needless to say, I was happy to be on solid ground once again!

In my case, instead of calming the seas, Jesus gave me peace and rest in the midst of the storm. If Jesus can give such peace during a troubling natural event like a storm, just imagine the kind of peace He can give to His children when we go through a trial. All we have to do is ask Him!