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Love in Deed

A number of years back, there was a time when I needed thirty-two cents to buy a postage stamp but I did not have that much money. It is hard to imagine that such a simple need could happen in our day and age, but it did. What did I do? I prayed and asked the Lord to provide for my need. A day or two passed, and then an individual came to me with a five-dollar bill and said, “The Lord told me to give this to you.” Through that willing and obedient heart, God provided for my little need!

More recently, I was wondering how I would get my garden planted this year. Because of some physical problems, I knew I would not be able to do it myself. Then one day, my neighbor called from across the street and said, “Do you want me to till your garden this year?” and then added, “I’ll only do it if you don’t pay me.” God still answers prayers, and He still uses individuals to accomplish His will.

These two situations represent just a couple of the needs that can arise in people’s lives. Most of us know how to pray for God to supply our needs, but are we as willing to be part of the answer to someone else’s need? How many people do we know who could use our help? The answer to their prayers may be our physical skills, it may be in the form of money, or they may just need a listening ear. We must keep in mind that as we give of ourselves to those in need, we are doing it as unto the Lord—and He will supply our reward.

Whether receiving or giving in the service of the Lord, little is much when God is in it. May we remember to give as freely as we receive.