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Life’s Highways

The day my older sister went to take the test for her driver’s license, we were driving downtown and she made a right turn onto a street where she thought the DMV was located. Immediately, we knew something was wrong, because all three lanes of traffic were coming toward us! There was a “One Way” sign posted by the traffic lights, and if she had not been concentrating on something else, she would have noticed it.

There are traffic signs to help us know which way to turn or not turn, when to merge or when to yield, when to stop or go, if there is a curve ahead, if animals often cross the road at that location, and a myriad of others. All of these signs are meant to help us to drive safely, but we have to be paying attention and looking for them in order to benefit by them.

There are also signs on our spiritual highway, which God has put in place for our safety. If we are not paying attention and miss those signs, we can bring harm to our own lives or to the lives of others. One sign we might see from God is a warning that we are about to make a serious mistake. This sign is sometimes manifested through a Scripture that speaks to a specific situation, or through trusted friends and mentors who caution us against a particular decision. If we do not pay attention, we will end up in a spiritually dangerous place.

God also lets us know when we are going the right way. Answers to prayer, a deep, settled peace in our souls, and unity with other Christians are all signs that we are in God’s will. When we see these confirmations, we can expect God’s continued blessing in our lives and ministries.

As Christians, our ultimate goal is to make Heaven. God has provided the signs to lead us there, but our part is to pay attention and obey. If we purpose to stay alert to His signs, He will faithfully guide us all the way.