Begin your day in God's Word.
Lead On, O King Eternal

As a relatively new driver, I needed directions when asked to drive to an unfamiliar part of town for my job. When I asked my mom, she gave me precise directions right down to the correct freeways to take and the right bridge to cross. Just to see if there was a faster way, I also checked the Internet. With both sets of directions in my hands, I set off.

It was only a matter of time before I was lost and late. I pulled over and called my dad to see if he could point me in the right way. As he began to give me directions, I knew there was no way I would remember everything that he was saying. In my mind, I cried out to God, “Help me find my way out of here and to where I need to be.”

Just then, even as my dad was still speaking, I noticed a wide street in front of me. I waited for him to finish, hung up, and started for that street. It just so happened that the street was a major thoroughfare that led to a bridge, which took me directly to my job. I was only a few minutes late.

Later, I discovered that the bridge my mom had proposed I cross had been closed the entire day for repairs! If I had taken that route, I could have become really lost and even later than I was.

The Lord is so good to help us through these kinds of daily problems that come up, but the situation was a reminder that God also helps when we get disoriented in life. Sometimes we might get stuck on some side road of life, feeling lost and upset, but He sees down the road and knows exactly where we need to go. We have a promise that He will “be our guide even unto death.” There may be a detour that we do not understand, but all we have to do is ask for His guidance and obey His instructions. Everything will begin to make sense to us soon if we will keep following Him.