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Into All the World

We returned to the quaint little restaurant again to see if the old man with the harmonica would be there. The first time we had seen him, we were at the restaurant celebrating my birthday. The place was packed with people, and he invited several of us to join him at a big, old oak table near the window. There were four in our party and just enough empty chairs left to seat us. We all moved to the old man’s table and my daughter placed a gift package in front of me, so everyone knew that we were celebrating my birthday.

The old man had a small oblong box in front of him, and to open a dialog with him, I asked what was in it. “Well,” he said, “it’s your birthday so you take it and open it.” I opened it, and inside was a very old harmonica, the kind my father used to play. I asked the old man to play it, and in the next moment, he picked up a drinking glass and placed it over the harmonica, like my father used to do. As he held the instrument next to his mouth, he played an old song. Then he started up the tune “Happy Birthday,” and everyone in the restaurant sang.

The following year we went again, and there was the old man with the harmonica. I was thrilled, because all year I had chastised myself for not sharing my testimony with that sweet old man—our new-found friend. This time I was determined to share Jesus with him, because Jesus commanded us to tell our friends. This year, I feel the need to go back to that restaurant. I want to find out how the man is doing with the Lord. I have remembered to pray for him often.

Everyone needs the Lord, but so many do not know Him personally. When an opportunity arises to meet someone new and share God’s love with him or her, we need to take it. The encounter may seem to be happenstance, but it could actually be God’s perfect timing. And we may be the only witness for Jesus that individual will ever meet. It is our job to share the great things Jesus has done and can do for others.