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Help Wanted
May 25, 2022

When employers are hiring, they often put out signs that say, “Help Wanted.” We see these announcements for job opportunities at the mall, in the paper, employment offices, and online. Employers try to entice potential applicants by mentioning a great 401(k) plan, competitive pay, paid vacation, health insurance, and other benefits. Some employment packages sound so tempting that you almost forget they are asking you to work!

Help Wanted advertisements make me think about the Lord’s call to His service. His ad might read: “Help Wanted: men and women of all ages, no previous training required, all you need is a willing heart.”

Can you imagine that there is no previous training required to work for the Creator of the universe? We do not need to know anything about the Bible in order to receive salvation from God; He can speak to our hearts and explain everything we need to know in an instant. Then He begins training us for service through the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit. There is no age requirement either—we can sign up for this job as soon as we hear about it, and we are never too old to start. The single requirement is that we are willing to obey Him.

This job is a little different than others. Employees cannot love the world, look like the world, or act like the world, so they might seem a little peculiar. Workers may have to give up their best friends or favorite pastimes in order to work for Him, but the superficial joy they brought will be replaced with peace and joy everlasting. There is no big paycheck at the end of the month, but there is an amazing retirement program. There will probably be persecution at some point, but our Employer is kind and understanding and will personally help us through whatever tasks we face. The actual workplace will not always be comfortable or easy, but any hardships will be worth it all. Spreading the Gospel is a wonderful employment opportunity!

Are you willing to let the Lord use you? Today, help is not just wanted, it is needed! Our focus verse is a reminder that there are many lost souls who need to hear the good news of salvation, but the laborers are few. There are not many people who can reach your family, your neighborhood, and your workplace, and the Lord wants to use you. Will you say yes?