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He Will Not Fail
May 20, 2022

After nineteen years of loyal service, my washer had decided to turn in her retirement notice. The repairman I called shook his head in disbelief at the faithfulness of my machine, but he did not offer any hope for getting it to work again. It was worn out, and he suggested I get a replacement. In the meantime, I became a regular at a nearby laundry mat.

That is how it goes with appliances. Even the most faithful ones do not last forever, and sometimes they do not last very long at all. The same is true of our computers, cars, homes, and every other purchase we make. No matter how great the model or how much we spend, they will still require maintenance, repairs, and someday, retirement.

The situation makes you wonder, Is there anything in this world that is totally reliable? Yes! Jesus is our best Friend and Helper who is always “on the job” and offers outstanding service. He is never broken, outdated, or in need of maintenance; He never fails. Truly, we can take any concern to Him at any time and He will be ready to show us the solution we need.

Do things around you seem to be falling apart and in need of repair? Call on Jesus. Does your day seem too short and your to-do list too long? Call on Jesus. Whether you are trying to deal with a broken washing machine or a broken relationship, He has the answer to any problem you may be facing. He will touch your life and fill you with peace and joy that will last forever. His promises are true, and you can prove them today. He will never fail.