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He Is Able
May 18, 2022

The stairs to our basement laundry are rather steep. The handrail is definitely needed there, for there is nothing else to cling to, in case of a stumble.

While four-year-old Vanessa was staying with us, she was always sensitive to my safety and comfort and she kept a close eye on me. After all, to her four-year-old mind, I was ancient!

As we were headed downstairs to start the Monday morning laundry, she raced in front of me and started down the stairs. She said, “Maybe I had better go down first, in case you fall.” I shuddered to think of what would happen to her if I actually fell! Would she try to catch me? I let her go first, and then used the handrail so there would be less danger of me falling on her!

In the Book of Jude we find a promise that is so precious to every child of God. He says that Jesus is able to keep us from falling. That does not mean that He will just break our fall or keep us from serious injury when we do fall; the promise is that He can keep us from falling at all! No one else could keep a promise like that—not our friends and family who love us, not our church family who care for our soul, and not even ourselves. But Jesus gives the overcoming power we need to have victory all the way.

No matter what trial or struggle comes our way, we already have an assurance that we can make it through, and that promise will bring peace to the troubled soul. We may stumble going up and down stairs sometimes, but there is no need for a Christian to fall. When we lean on Christ and let Him “go first,” He is well able to keep us and to present us faultless to our Heavenly Father.