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Growing at Our Own Rate
May 5, 2022

Amy and Tracy planted some seeds at the same time. Every day the girls watered the seeds, gave them plant food, and made sure they were positioned to receive the proper amount of sunlight. Several days went by, and Amy’s plant sprouted from the dirt. A week later Tracy’s plant finally began to peek from the dirt also.

No matter how much Tracy nourished her plant, it could not catch up to Amy’s, even though they were planted at the same time. After a while, Amy did not seem to be giving her plant much attention at all, yet it flourished. Poor Tracy!

Have you ever felt like that in your spiritual walk with the Lord? Perhaps you were saved about the same time as some friends of yours. It may seem as though some of those friends are quickly growing and prospering in the Lord. They may be receiving spiritual experiences while you feel like you are doing all that you know to do, yet you are getting nowhere fast. Perhaps they have been given more responsibilities in your church, while you feel like you cannot contribute as much.

How can two people hear the same message preached, but not grow at the same rate? Just as no two plants grow the same, no two Christians grow the same; but that does not mean they are not growing! Sometimes the work God is doing in our hearts is not very noticeable on the outside, but it is just as valuable spiritually. As long as we have open hearts and are following the Lord’s leading, He will teach us and help us to mature in the Gospel at a good pace.

God does not have the same purpose for each of us. We all grow at different rates in different areas because He wants us to walk in different avenues in life. God wants to prepare each of us for what we will encounter during our lives. Trust God, believe His Word, do what your hands find to do. You are growing too!