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Feast at God's Table
February 23, 2022

Busy, busy, busy, I had so much to do! Besides my job, housework, and everything else that comes along each day, I was “elbow deep” in another project—canning! In the midst of all this I was trying to eat a healthy diet, but it seemed I was running low on fruit. No time or money to go buy more—what would I do?

It really was not a life and death matter, but it was of concern to me. In my mind, I casually mentioned it to the Lord. How faithful He is even in the little things! And how blind I was to the obvious, until He brought it to my mind. What was I canning? Pears! I had an abundance of fruit in front of my nose, and I was so busy working on it that I did not think to eat it! After that, you can be sure I had a few nibbles!

This brought to my mind another source of abundance that we have right before us. God has prepared a table where we may feast. He has so many blessings there for us! As we pray and read His Word, there are experiences, healings, blessings, and comfort—all “in front of our noses.” Yet, how often do we get so busy that we forget they are there? Or do we feel guilty for feasting too often? Just as we need a constant supply of food to keep up our physical strength, we need to constantly feast at God’s table to keep up our spiritual strength. God offers the nourishment our spirits need to continue on in our daily lives and to share His joy with others.

When I was canning pears, I did not want to eat too many because I was trying to preserve them for later. But with God’s blessings, we do not need to hold back and save some for later—there will still be plenty! God wants us to feast at His table—that is why it is there. So do not hold back. Enjoy!