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A Soft Heart
September 18, 2021

At eighteen years old, I went to work for a clothing manufacturer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Unsaved at that time, I worked under a supervisor who treated me very unkindly, and as a result I developed a terrible hatred toward her. Going to work each day was difficult for me because I so disdained this woman. I deeply wished that she would not work there anymore. In fact, even if she had died, I would not have felt the least bit sorry—I would have been happy not to see her again!

Hatred is a hideous problem that brings out the worst in anyone. Before I was saved, I was cold and uncaring, and I never felt sorry about others’ misfortunes. Moreover, not only was I miserable because of the bitterness in my heart, but I am sure my dark attitude bothered those around me as well. Thankfully, soon after I took that job, the Lord began convicting me of the sin in my heart. While I was still working at the same place, the Lord saved me, and when He did that, He gave me a soft heart. He removed every bit of hatred that I had in my heart for my supervisor; all the bitterness and resentment toward her were gone in an instant! Instead, I saw her as another lost soul—as I was before the Lord had reached me.

Some testify of how salvation broke the bondage of a drug addiction, alcoholism, filthy language, or other vices. For me, salvation removed my hatred—a feat no less miraculous. The love of the Lord softened my stony heart and gave me a whole new outlook on life. He changed my very personality and made me into a different person. He gave me love for others, so that I could “rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep” (Romans 12:15). I am so grateful for the change He made!

What did the Lord do for you when He saved you? As sinners, we were all once slaves to sin, but the Lord frees us from that bondage. When I think of how I was before, I cannot help but feel compassion for those who are right now bound by sin. Our testimonies can show others the way to a better life; let’s make it a point to share that good news with people today!