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The Apostolic Faith Church sprang from the Azusa Revival of 1906 which took place in Los Angeles, California. Our founder, Florence Crawford, was one who received the infilling of the Holy Spirit at those meetings, and in 1908 she moved to Portland, Oregon, and established the headquarters of this ministry. Over the following century, this work expanded to include hundreds of churches spread across six continents. To learn more about our Azusa roots and the worldwide organization, read our history book, The Apostolic Faith: History, Doctrine, and Purpose. Also available is the full text of the first Apostolic Faith papers, which were published in Los Angeles and reported on the happenings of the Azusa Street Revival.

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Publication Ministry

Those who experienced the revival of 1906 began publishing a paper titled "The Apostolic Faith" to report the miracles taking place in their midst. When Florence Crawford moved to Portland, the publishing ministry was placed in her hands and has been a central focus of our organization's mission ever since. The flagship publication has been renamed the Higher Way, and our publishing ministry has expanded to include several other publications, most of which can be downloaded or ordered through our Library Index.

Music Ministry

Music has always been a special part of the Apostolic Faith Church. The first orchestra was formed in 1918 by thirty members, and it has grown to comprise over fifty musicians. We also enjoy the performances of a full choir in nearly every church service. In Portland, our annual Easter Concert, Mid-summer Concert, and Christmas Concert are highlights of the year, and we also frequently include other special musical events on our calendar.

Camp Meetings

Usually lasting a week or two, our camp meeting conventions are a time of spiritual refreshing and fellowship. The schedule includes Bible teachings, youth services, and evangelistic meetings, as well as many other activities. To learn more about these events, view photos of our campground at the headquarters church, or read about the history of camp meetings in our history book. More than twenty camp meetings are held worldwide each year, and you can find one happening near you on our map of locations.

In the day when I cried thou answeredst me, and strengthenedst me with strength in my soul.”
- Psalm 138:3