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Pray, Preach, Praise in the Philippines

Posted by: Darrel D. Lee on 4/25/2011

The Philippines camp meeting began Wednesday with special music and an admonition from Zenaida Ruiz, the Philippines District Superintendant. Bill McKibben writes that over 450 people are in attendance, mostly from the Philippines but also from Malaysia and the United States. In fact, the Wednesday evening service included testimonies from a Nigerian couple currently living in Malaysia and from Jim and Cheri White, who are accompanying the McKibbens from the United States.

The theme of “Pray, Preach, and Praise” has been stressed throughout the week during morning Bible studies, presented by local pastors, and evening evangelical services preached by visiting pastors, including Brother Bill and Sister Cheri.

Good Friday began with a moving Bible study and was followed by a good prayer service. That evening, the congregation was blessed by a program of praise and music. Brother Bill writes, “The Spirit of the Lord was certainly present as they interspersed choral and orchestral numbers with congregational singing and several testimonies. Many were touched in the prayer meeting that followed.”

He also wrote that the growth in the music program over the last couple of years is inspiring. There were sixteen violins, eight guitars, and twelve randalas (native stringed instruments) in the orchestra, and the choir and soloists sang beautifully.

An ordinance service was held Saturday evening. So many people attended that the sanctuary and the annex overflowed and the ministers barely had room to serve.

The congregation got up early on Easter Sunday for a sunrise service at 5:30 a.m. The church was packed with many standing outside the sanctuary listening through speakers. Afterwards, the altars were full as well. A pastor’s son tearfully prayed through to salvation and was among the forty-six who were water baptized later in the day.

Brother Bill concluded his report by saying, “God has been good to the work here, and to us as well.” The team plans to return home tomorrow.

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