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Devotional for 05/08/2011

A Tribute to My Mother-in-Law

"Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised."
- Proverbs 31:30

My mother-in-law was an example and spiritual inspiration to myself and our entire family. Years before I knew her, she was a busy, hard-working farm wife and mother of two sons. Although she did not understand what it meant to be born again, she was faithful in attending church and being a good neighbor. She did not complain about her situation and was content with what she had. After her husband died, in spite of the loneliness, she kept the holiday traditions for her sons and grandsons.

In her later years, my mother-in-law lived in town within a few blocks of our church. A few weeks before her eighty-first birthday, the son who was living with her went to the West Coast to attend camp meeting. Finding herself especially lonely on a Wednesday night, she walked up to the church. That was the evening she heard the call of Christ. She knelt and prayed and found that you can, indeed, be born again when you are old!

This sweet woman had fourteen years to grow in Christ before He called her Home. I had the wonderful privilege of watching her growth during the last ten years. As her body weakened, the Spirit of God in her life grew sweeter, stronger, and bolder. It was evident in her prayer life, in the questions she asked, and in the answers she gave to the questions of others. It was manifested in the way she resolved deep hurts of the past. It was evident in the calmness of her last conversation with her family.

During the last three years, she was not able to get out for church. She was so happy when the phone system was installed at church, which allowed her to hear the services live over a speakerphone. She had her hymnal at home so that she could sing along—and she did! She always wanted to dress a little nicer before she “went to church” in the living room and to make sure that her hair was properly combed. She wanted to be at her best for worship! She worshiped this same way on Sunday evening, March 9, even singing a favorite Gospel song. Less than five hours later, she left us to be with her beautiful Savior.

This woman was truly an inspiration to many. May we all follow after her faithful example, and the examples that other godly saints whom God has placed in our lives!